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Corporate Identity Services

Corporate identity is more than a logo.
Corporate identity is an across the board effort to build and shape what the public perceives in terms of your brand using three points:

-Your Brand (Logo, Tag line, Company Name, Company Colors, Uniforms)
-Your Communications (Mailings, Web Site, Advertisements, Stationary)
-Your Company's Values and Mission

All three sections work together to help your company establish itself and appeal to your target audience.

We handle everything

Olea Works will work with you to create a corporate identity to suit your company's specific goals and audience.If you already have started the process by having a logo designed, we will work with you to incorporate that logo into your web site, your business communications and your advertisements. Our firm does not just offer design and digital services. Through our network of trusted vendors, we can also manage your print production of everything from stationary, business cards, brochures, posters, banners, signage, retail, video editing, flyers, clothing, packaging, labels-every aspect. This frees our clients from having to back and forth between printers and designers. We handle everything, and we make sure that there is consistency through out.

If you do not currently have a professional logo, we can start there and once we have designed that logo that you feel best represents your business and vision, we will work with you to incorporate the new design into all aspects of your business.

Web Site Design & Management

100% Custom Web Site Design
We have plans for just about any size budget and project along with the hands on experience to make your vision a reality.

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Developing Your
Brand's Identity

Olea Works will work with you to create and cultivate your brand including logo design, packaging, stationary, press releases and promotions.

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Search Engine

We research your search terms, implement our proven search engine strategies and monitor your results to give you the advantage over your competition.

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