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3 steps for turning prospects into customers

April 10, 2013

Author: Samantha Olea, Olea Works Design & Marketing Turn Prospects into Customers For many small business owners, the hardest part of running their business can be gaining new customers. For those business owners that can afford it, hiring an experienced sales person can help them find new customers that they need and help them close ... Read More

Search Engine Rank: 5 Easy tips to improve yours

April 3, 2013

Search Engine Rank = where your web site appears in search results when a visitor searches for your keywords. Author: Samantha Olea Search engines have changed dramatically in recent years … and, as you probably have figured out, so has the practice of search engine optimization (SEO). That is to be expected. What many web ... Read More

FTC’s Newest Disclosure Rules & Marketing Online

April 1, 2013

The rules for marketing online are changing again… Author: Tom Chernaik The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates advertising and marketing in an effort to protect consumers from being misled by advertisements or claims or deceived by the omission of necessary information. Marketing claims, offers, and promotions often require certain disclosures to be in compliance with ... Read More

The Secret to a Strong Branding Message

March 30, 2013

Author: Adam Kleinberg The Secret to a Strong Branding Message? Focus. Entrepreneurs are hustlers. We wear many hats. We’re like the chameleons of the business world, adapting to whatever we need to be at any given moment in time. It is no wonder so many of us struggle when our ventures gain critical mass and ... Read More

10 ways to Grow Your Social Reach

March 10, 2013

Author: Rachel Sprung, Hubspot Tactics to Grow Your Social Reach 1) Put social sharing and follow buttons on all of your collateral. Whether your marketing materials are online or offline — but really, the online ones are uber-critical — place social calls-to-action that let people know where they can find you on social media. Remember, ... Read More

Get Your Customers to Do Your Marketing for You

February 22, 2013

Author: Mike Michalowicz Marketing Tips: Having raving fans isn’t enough. You need to arm your customers with easy ways to advocate for you, because if handled right, your happy customers can become your strongest marketing force. I recently bought a pair of Vibram FiveFingers shoes for myself. You know, those crazy shoes that look like ... Read More

How to track your ad’s success

January 30, 2012

Track your ad’s success Author: Samantha Olea, Olea Works Like most businesses, yours is likely cutting back on spending and revising the budget. While advertising is necessary in order to gain a wider customer base, by nature it can be hit or miss at times. It is important to know what works and where it ... Read More

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