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Marketing Article:
Search Engine Rank: 5 Easy tips to improve yours

April 3, 2013

Search Engine Rank = where your web site appears in search results when a visitor searches for your keywords.

Author: Samantha Olea

Search engines have changed dramatically in recent years

… and, as you probably have figured out, so has the practice of search engine optimization (SEO). That is to be expected. What many web site owners are finding confusing is the advice and recommendations of seo experts, which changes every month, if not more often, and then changes again from ‘seo expert’ to ‘seo expert’, making matters worse.

Good advice rarely goes out of style, and even in search engine optimization there are some search engine optimization tips that are as useful today as they were years ago. Here are a few easy tips that you can use to improve how search engine crawlers, or bots, view your site and in turn improve your search engine rankings.
Web Site Search Engine Rank

1. Look like a bot:

Using your internet browser, like Firefox, you can turn off your images and java script to give you an idea of how robots see your web pages. Does the site break? Does your site navigation stop working? You want to make sure that your site works even with out images and java script. If it doesn’t, then find a work around that does make your web site function fully even with out java script and images. One work around for those with navigation that depends on java script and/or images is to add an additional text link menu at the top or bottom of your web pages. With a little styling this addition can be implemented in a way that does not take away from your web site’s design and does not confuse your web site visitors.

2. Use your tags:

Search engine robots are looking at your site-and they see text, tags, and links. While the search engine spiders do see, to a certain extent, images, it’s important to remember that more than the image, the search engine robots see the code behind the image. Some people will argue for and against the importance of alt tags (the alternative text that shows to bots, text-only readers, when an image is missing, etc.), meta tags (the title tag, keyword tag and description with in the head of your web site page) and hierarchy text tags (heading tags, sub heading tags, etc.) but making the most of your tags will not work against you in search engine rankings and, in my own experience, does improve your search engine rankings.

3. Write a good description:

Your description shows up in your search engine listings. While we know to use key words in our description, writing a better description of your page can be the difference between a potential customer clicking on your search engine listing, or choosing the competition’s listing-no matter which of your sites are listed first.

4. Clean it up:

If you have a lot of excess code in your web site, remove it. If you have broken links, remove them. If you have open tags that need to be closed, close them. If you have errors popping up, address them. Cleaning up your web site will improve your site’s load time which can also improve your web site’s ranking.

5. Remember your audience is made of people, not robots:

Even if your website ranks first for everything that you want, you can’t win that new customer if your site is unorganized, broken or is unappealing. There was once a time when ‘ugly’ sites were still able to do well online but with trust being a major factor in today’s world, your visitors are deciding with in seconds whether or not they trust you and want to do business with you. Update your web site, use good photographs, proofread your copy and talk to your web designer about who your customer is so that they are able to design a web site that will appeal to your target audience.

Following these easy tips, you can give yourself a better edge in search engine ranks, even if-rather, when-the rules of search engine optimization change again. If you would like to use these tips but don’t know how, we can help you. Contact us today to request a no obligation quote.

About the Author:
Samantha Olea is a the owner and operator of Olea Works Design and Marketing, and has been a web site designer, flash animator and graphic illustrator since the year 2000.


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