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Web Site Maintenance

Just like a physical office or store needs to be maintained, your web site will also need to be maintained. Whether it is updating text, removing information, adding articles, expanding products or any other number of changes come over time, web site maintenance is a very important factor in managing your online business.

Web Maintenance Plans

Our web maintenance fee is $50 per hour purchased in blocks or in an ongoing monthly service fee, pre-paid, with the smallest block of time being 5 hours and smallest subscription of time being 2 hours each month. We offer discount pricing for pre-purchasing larger time blocks. Unsure of how long your update will take? Please click the blue bar below and we can quote you the time your project will take.

Maintenance Block Packages

Plan A - 5 hrs
$250 ($50/ hour)

Plan B – 10 hrs
$400 ($40/ hour)

Plan C - 40 hrs
$1400 ($35/ hour – that's a savings of $600)

Monthly Maintenance Service

Monthly Ongoing* - Up to 2 hours per month - $90 ($45/hour - that's a savings of $120/yr)
*Monthly ongoing hours do not roll over. If more than 2 hours is needed for your updates, you will be contact prior to completion of updates and given the option to purchase any additional hours at the discounted rate of $45/hour or given the option to divide updates over 2 or more months.

What does web site maintenance cover?

Web site maintenance can include any of the following:
Updating text, updating photographs, graphic design work, uploading new files to your server, transferring files to a new server, backing up files, updating contact information, adding products, installing Word press plug ins, troubleshooting Word press plug in errors, adding or removing search engine tags, adding or removing links to other sites, etc.

What is not included in web site maintenance?

Web site redesigns are not included in your maintenance package unless we agree otherwise, which includes changes to your site's structure and core design. In most cases, you will want to request a web redesign quote rather than have your web site rebuilt at an hourly rate because of the amount of time that goes into redesigning a web site. Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions.

Pay Today, use anytime in the next year

There are no refunds for maintenance hours, however, prepaid block hours are good for 12 months from the date of purchase or until prepaid number of hours is used up, which ever comes first. All web maintenance clients are guaranteed that the package that they choose will not go up in price per hour for at least 1 year if they choose to buy additional hours, including monthly maintenance subscribers.

Web Site Design & Management

100% Custom Web Site Design
We have plans for just about any size budget and project along with the hands on experience to make your vision a reality.

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Developing Your
Brand's Identity

Olea Works will work with you to create and cultivate your brand including logo design, packaging, stationary, press releases and promotions.

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Search Engine

We research your search terms, implement our proven search engine strategies and monitor your results to give you the advantage over your competition.

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