Social Media vs Website: What you need to know

Social Media vs. Website

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat-you can’t go a day without hearing something referring to each social media outlet, with new platforms popping up regularly. Often free, some business owners have opted to let their social media accounts do the job of a website, with out the cost. But, there is a cost that’s overlooked.

Make no mistake-social media is great. You can connect to people all over the globe, and they can connect with you. But, it’s social media…meaning each one is a platform created for you to share your media (articles, images, videos, thoughts, etc.), in a social way.

Many new or small businesses create a social media page and-I mean it is free, and on a network visited by millions, right? How could that NOT be a great idea? But…they stop there. Maybe you’ve thrown up a few social profiles for your business, so your bases are covered.

So you think, “Why would I spend money on a website, when I can just run my business pages?”

Here Are My Top 5 Reasons You Should Stop Using Social Media as Your Web Site:

1. Control Your Brand
Your website, your rules. You decide how it looks, what features to include, you showcase your business according to your own vision. We all have a vision for our businesses. When the social media platform decides to change it’s rules, it’s posting guidelines and even it’s image dimensions, you are at their mercy. They aren’t running it by you first. You either fix it or don’t. They do not care.

2. Legitimize Your Brand
My 16 year old daughter, can make a social media business page. It reflects no authority, no expertise, no professionalism. It’s just some pictures, videos and a means of contacting you. However, when faced with purchasing from a Facebook page vs an actual web site, the majority of consumers are going to pick the established company over a fly by night pop up, with their money.

3. Keep Your Customers
Free is rarely free. So, why is your business page free? Because of those side bar ads and ads through out Facebook. Some of which, are your competition. Some aren’t-but imagine you are presenting your business to a panel of investors. How would you feel about McDonald’s interrupting your presentation to talk about their coffee? Pretty annoyed. Worse, if then , those investors quietly got up from their seats and went to McDonald’s. That’s exactly what happens when someone is on your Facebook page and notices an interesting ad. Sure, they came here for your custom jewelry, but that waist trainer ad had a deal they couldn’t resist, so they didn’t-now they have completely forgotten about your jewelry.

4. Search Engine Marketing
With your own site, you control the search engine tags and your search engine listing. You build up your search engine sexiness with properly tagged and linked subject matter. You stand out, in a sea of many. You also need qualified leads coming to your business.

If you sell mufflers you need people, who are interested in purchasing mufflers, coming to you.

If you present your business to 3000 people who aren’t in the market for what you are selling, you are wasting your time. Many businesses believe that the more eyes, the better. Not true. The more eyes of people who want what you have, the better. The rest are just passing through.

5. You’re Missing Customers
Not everyone is interested in social media. You say, “So, they just need to go to the page link I put on my business cards, they don’t have to socialize.” which isn’t as true as you think.

Have you ever tried to visit a Facebook business page, from your phone or tablet, when you aren’t logged in? You get stopped and required to log in. But what about those who do not care for any social platform? They have to create an account, just to see your business page. Most will not. Would you? It’s a pain and a hassle when there are many businesses, some similar to yours, with actual websites that ANYONE can access. How much money are you missing out on?

6. Bonus: A reliable, custom branded, shopping cart system< that is easy to control and track, with a database of your orders, change pricing on the fly, no limit to the number of items that you can sell and your own system where you can let your customers know that their items have shipped and receive their feedback-a very useful marketing tool!

So does that mean social media business pages are pointless? No. They are good for an additional means of communicating with your public-similar to a postcard or commercial. They have their purpose, and some businesses, more than others, will find social media as a fantastic tool for promotion. Social media pages are a good way to drive traffic to your actual web site, but they aren’t your web site.

Not by a long shot.

Find how little a fully responsive custom web site would cost you.

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