Compelling Brand Stories: Building Lasting Connections

In the bustling world of business, where digital noise is the norm, standing out and forming genuine connections with customers is a challenge. That's where the magic of crafting compelling brand stories comes in – a strategic approach that sets successful businesses apart. Brand storytelling isn't just about presenting facts; it's about weaving a...

Make Black Friday and Cyber Monday a Success

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the busiest shopping days of the year. A phenomenon that allegedly began in Philadelphia in the 1950s has now evolved into a famous, mega shopping frenzy filled with steal deals, discounts, offers, and freebies that no consumer wants to miss. In 2021, 108 million individuals said they planned to go shopping on Black...

Good Website Design Principles

The way a website is perceived depends on a number of important design considerations. A well-designed website can encourage users to take action by fostering trust. Making ensuring your website design is optimized for usability (form and aesthetics) and how simple it is to use is key to creating a pleasant user experience (functionality). An effective...

Ecommerce: What are the 6 types?

Ecommerce is defined simply as the online purchase and sale of goods and services. However, there are several types of ecommerce. Understanding the various forms of ecommerce is beneficial for anyone looking to start their own business because it allows you to better understand the various paths your company can take. Ecommerce is used for almost...

Small Business: Staying Competitive During Inflation

As a small business owner, you already know that staying competitive, on a normal day to day basis, can be challenging. You want to give your customers a good value, but you also need to turn a profit. And just as you've worked that out, inflation hits, wallets close and your sales drop, while your overheard costs rise. It's affecting businesses across the...

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Bakersfield - Abstract Logo Example - Abstract Logo Definition
Abstract Logos are logos where the product or service of that company is being represented through an abstract/artistic symbol or icon.

Bakersfield - Letterform Logo Example - Letterform Logo Definition
Letterform Logos are logos that use the shape of a letter used in typography, calligraphy, paleography, and epigraphy to represent their company. This can also include numbers and punctuation.

Bakersfield - Pictorial Logo Example - Pictorial Logo Definition
Pictorial Logos, also sometimes referred to as brand marks or a logo symbol, are icon—or graphic-based designs. This type of logo is probably the image that comes to mind when most people think “logo”.

Bakersfield - Wordmark Logo Example - Wordmark Logo Definition
Wordmark Logos are the written name of the organization, company or product, stylized in a way that is meant to stand out in their customer’s mind.